Native Oak is a class act with bags of talent with a very complete & accomplished sound, that creates a remarkable intimate atmosphere. Native Oak is a singer songwriter, surfer & explorer from the Emerald Isle with a warming finger picking style and a voice that has captivated many an audience. He is a solo folk musician currently touring with his debut album ‘never too old’. Native Oak has a purity in his arrangements which he performs on a selection of guitars. From his smooth and warm finger picking style matched with his gravelly voice that kind of whispers his reflective lyrics.

He has toured all over Ireland, United Kingdom & mainland Europe. He is continually finding new fans in every region he visits with also his work ‘Take Me Away’ from his debut album ‘Never too Old’ has been used on a Finnish advert for Crooks Head Dram. The album has been produced with ethically friendly materials and 10% of his physical & digital sales are donated to the Irish Natural Forestry Foundation. He is establishing his name with every performance he plays, sounding both unique and memorable.

If you wish to be captured by a harmonising roar matched with the soft touch of fingers to strings that will generate a nostalgic feeling, then Native Oak may allow you to create the perfect evening to relax the mind.


– Craic Magazine –

“Rapidly rising in the ranks of the Irish music scene, Native Oak is the moniker of Kildare alt-folk artist Adam Cross. He has toured all over the UK and Ireland. His debut album Never Too Old was released in 2014 from which he donated 10% of the sales to the Irish National Foundation. Many have been and will be blown away by Native Oak’s unique, soulful voice. This along with his acoustic guitar-playing makes this bound to be an intimate gig.”

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Think: Gruff-voiced troubadour with gentle, warm folk songs.
It’s for you if you also enjoy: Iron & Wine, Bon Iver.
Native Oak’s ‘Never Too Old’ Album is one of my favourite finds from playing and arranging gigs around the unsigned circuit in recent years. Like many of the best things, I came across Native Oak (alias of Adam Cross) by pure, organic chance, after another artist became unavailable for a show and Native Oak stepped in. He was on a gigging road trip around the UK whilst over from his native Ireland and sent me a message asking whether there was any possibility of a slot on his way through London. From the moment I clicked the link to his recordings on Bandcamp to check out whether he’d fit the bill, I was hooked to these 10 songs and the live performance later that weekend was even more impressive.
To put it simply and as best I can: If you adore stripped back, honest acoustic guitar music, you must, must listen to this album.
The first thing that hits you is the purity of the guitar arrangements. Whilst being simple in structure, the songs feature some complicated alternative tunings and they are played in such a way that really lets you hear the warmth of each note. Adam Cross’ guitar strumming and plucking

really creates a very complete, accomplished sound on the record without really having lots of additional instruments or parts. There is a little extra harmonica or piano here and there, but it’s raw talent that shines through. It’s the kind of album that feels as though you have just captured a perfect live performance. If the guitars are all smooth and warm, they are the perfect foil for Cross’ gravelly voice, which kind of whispers his reflective lyrics and creates a lovely contrast throughout the record.
I would genuinely recommend this guy to anyone – he’s a class act, has bags of talent and I find myself able to listen to this album pretty much any time of year – although the video (for ‘Take Me Away’, track 4 on the album) is filmed in deepest Irish winter, I listened to the album right through summer and it can feel like a summer album too. It is timeless and season-less in character, something super chilled that seems to mirror your mood and could just as easily have been recorded 40 years ago as it could be in 20 years time. This kind of music is, as the title says, Never Too Old. WORDS BY RICK JAKUBOWSKI

– Chordblossom Sunflower Festival –

‘On a completely different note, emotive folk singer Native Oak played a gorgeous quiet set in the Moot. His Soft demeanor created a hushed and intimate atmosphere, captivating even the youngest of Sunflowerest attendess with songs such as “Mine hertz ist dine”. His rich and kind storytelling voice filled the small Moot stage and demanded respect. One of his most enchanting pieces was the instrumental song “The Rabbit” which created a complete sound on the solo guitar and perfectly captured the story through dissonance and recurring motifs, common of modern folk.’ WORDS BY FREJA BOURKE

– Clunk Magazine –

“Native Oak is a singer songwriter from Ireland. With a looser and more emotionally charged sound he proved to be a surprising contrast to the act he followed. Drawing influences from both folk and blues he switched from an acoustic to electric guitar during the set. This combined with a voice that moved between moments of quiet mumbling all the way to what Native Oak himself refers to as a “harmonising roar” created an unusual sound that forced all those listening to take notice”. WORDS BY ADAM GUY